Feel Like Yourself Again!

Take part in a unique, one-on-one program with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! Valerie will help you address your main health complaints by guiding you as you implement small diet and lifestyle changes over the course of 1, 3, or 6 months.








Tell Your Story

Your program is 100% virtual and begins with a one-hour initial intake via Skype. Valerie will take the time to go through your history, diet, and health complaints to assess your needs. Working virtually procures the same benefits as working with a practitioner as part of a clinical setting.



Nutritional Care Plan

Valerie will create a customized nutritional care plan with specific recommendations. Learn how to use nutrition to counter depletions caused by your medications, diet, or lifestyle.











Support and Accountability

Valerie will guide you on how to best manage an existing health condition using the key pillars of health (digestion, stress, mindset, movement, sleep, and relationships). You will benefit from follow-up sessions where Valerie will help you implement, monitor and adjust your nutritional care plan so you can form permanent habits and experience lasting results. 


Symptoms this Program Can Help

This program can help symptoms relating to digestion, metabolism, mood, and skin.